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Counselling is an excellent and effective way to look after of yourself and your mental health.

People approach counselling for different reasons: some can experience low mood, depression, anxiety/ have panic attacks or cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Others feel tired or emotional for no reason, feel desperate and helpless, or struggle to deal with life’s challenges; There are those who may be having family problems, difficulties with anger, adjusting to life changes, bereavement or relationship difficulties; And some turn to counselling when we reach a crossroads, or to prevent things before they get out of control.

Every individual is different, hence different approaches work for different people. I use an integrative therapeutic approach adapted to your needs, using Psychodynamic techniques, Adlerian techniques, and core conditions of Carl Rogers, which will allow you to feel better and overcome your issues.

Everyone experiences times in their lives when things seem overwhelming. Taking counselling can be an effective way of discovering strengths that you already possess and help you to feel better. Whatever your reason for seeking counselling you deserve to be heard.

I offer a warm, empathetic, non-judgemental space, for you to share your story, be heard, build trust in yourself and to work on whatever it is that is troubling you. I walk with you on the journey you decide to take, in which you will challenge your private logic, beliefs and personal perceptions, a journey of self-discovery and dealing with the things you are ready to deal with in your own time, and at your own pace. You will go through this journey holistically and confidentially, while I accompany you all the way. In addition to talking, we can explore through creative activities (art, card game, choosing image/character), based on your needs and preferences, to support you and help to have movement in your journey. You are not alone - I am here with you.

I provide effective empathetic and caring therapy in English and Hebrew, for adult, children & young people from a range of different backgrounds and settings, in individual or group sessions attending to psychological issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorder, self-harm, depression, PTSD- along with life crisis and everyday worries. I am based in Cambridge and offer both short term and long-term therapy. I am DBS checked, fully insured and practice with the BACP ETHICAL FRAMWORK.

We work together in 50-minute, weekly sessions in person, or on zoom, when it is appropriate. I provide excellent, up to date, personalised, professional orientated counselling, using Adlerian, person centred, psychodynamic and humanistic counselling to help, support and as our relationship develops, based on trust and care, which allows us to explore ways of improving your wellbeing, and achieving the goals we agreed upon in our first session.

Please get in touch to arrange a chat or explore the website to learn more about me and how I work.

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